A few more mild days, then changes

Sunday, November 10, 2013 at 6:55 am

Models are still in decently good agreement.  I intentionally didn’t post a detailed discussion yesterday because I was waiting to see if the models could hold on to the little bit of consensus they have found.  It looks like they have…

Over the next several days, all of Utah will continue to see mostly sunny, mild conditions prevail.  Things will start to change  around mid-week when the ridge over head starts to shift westward out into the Eastern Pacific where it will amplify.  This will turn the flow northerly for later this week.  As is usually the case, this northerly flow will usher in cooler air, but moisture for snowfall may be hard to come by.  Confidence in cooler weather later this week is high, so at the very least ski resorts that are open, or hoping to open soon, can make snow around the clock or close to it.

As far as natural snow, that is a little trickier to forecast right now.  The GFS has been waffling a bit in recent runs, but generally shows a weak wave on late Friday into Saturday.  The Euro and GEM also have a very weak wave on Friday but wait until Saturday night into Sunday to bring a stronger wave into the area.  If this were to verify, it could bring decent snow accumulations to Northern Utah this weekend.  Confidence in these storms is still rather low so it will bear watching in the next couple days.

Overall, it looks like a trend toward cold and snowier.  Will this pattern last as we head toward Thanksgiving?  Too early to know, but keep the positive thoughts going!


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