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Tuesday, October 29, 2013 at 7:45 am

A LOT to talk about today.  Yesterday we saw the moist southerly flow develop as expected.  This funneled a nearly constant band of precipitation into the Wasatch yesterday afternoon through evening.  Things turned more showery after about 11 pm, but there were numerous showers in the mountains throughout the night that kept accumulations going.  Overall, it looks like close to a foot (maybe more?) at mid-mountain in the Cottonwoods.  Here is solitude at 7:30 AM:

solitue mid-mountain

Looks like this storm over-performed!  Snow showers will continue off and on today, tonight, and tomorrow, Accumulations could top 18″ in places by the time everything is said and done tomorrow.

Possibly even more exciting is the long-range outlook.  GFS and EC disagree on exact details, but both models bring a cold storm into the area late Sunday into Monday.  The EC shows 700mb temp at -13C.  GFS isn’t quite as deep or cold with the system but still brings a mostly dry cold front through the area.   If the EC pans out however, we could get some decent snow and a chance for lake effect.   (The EC was the correct model on this current storm’s track, so I’m inclined to trust it more)

Beyond that, both models generally agree on a continued active, cold pattern.  This will likely bring more snowfall to the Wasatch through mid-November.  At the very least, it will keep it cold enough for round-the-clock snowmaking.  At this point, I would guess that resorts shouldn’t have trouble opening on time.  🙂

Great news all around for Utah skiers and riders!


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  1. Steve

    Any thoughts on the pattern for the next 2 weeks? the pacific seems active and storms do drop down, but at least according to the GFS, not much energy seems to make it’s way to Utah. Have an early December trip scheduled so would like to see that base building.

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