Changes…? Not yet.

Sunday, October 20, 2013 at 8:35 am

A lot of us are anxiously watching WX models, hoping for something to show up.  Not too much to speak of yet, unfortunately.  Both the ECMWF (Euro) and the GFS show us high and dry for the next 10+ days.  Sun angle is getting lower which allows for more stagnant air to develop in the valleys.  I wouldn’t be surprised to see some mild inversions developing over the next week, although they wouldn’t be as bad as last January.

Blocking pattern may start to break down around Halloween but it’s too early to tell if that will lead to storm systems or not.  GFES ensemble spaghetti plots show a zonal pattern setting up during the first week of November.  Right now, it’s just about being patient and waiting for changes to start showing up in the global forecasting models.

Enjoy the great Fall weather!


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6 thoughts on “Changes…? Not yet.

  1. Tram

    This is fine, may be better for snowpack this winter. Lets enjoy some fall and let me finish up the 18days of exterior work I still have to do.

    1. Eric ackerman

      Hello my wife and i would like to move to slc in next 18 monthes. We come yrly to ski snowboard and love the region with the exception of the temp inversions. Would living in emigration canyon be above the layer? Or possibbly high in sandy? Our budget will be 300k or less. Regards, eric

      1. Wasatch Snow Forecast Post author

        Hey Eric,
        The inversions vary in depth. Usually they stay below 5,000 ft, so if you can get above that elevation on the benches, you’ll be ok. Of course, those areas also generally tend to be more expensive. Unless you get above 6K feet, which you can’t really do in the Salt Lake Valley, you won’t be completely out of the woods with inversions. Personally, I’d recommend East Sandy, Granite, Olympus Cove areas. One of our sponsors, Mountain Home Real Estate, who you can find on WSF page would have a much better idea what prices would be like on the benches. Check em out!

  2. Steve

    Still not much hope in models until very end. And only a glimmer at that. A friend of mine sent me something from NOAA saying they expected drought conditions to persist or worsen through January in a fairly large area of west, including Utah. Not what I wanted to hear. Any thoughts?

    1. Wasatch Snow Forecast Post author

      With two poor winters in a row, we are already in a drought. Even with a normal snow year, it likely won’t be enough to pull us out of the drought. 12z euro looked more encouraging. We’ll see if that trend continues…

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