Snow on the mountains of S. Utah

Thursday, October 10, 2013 at 7:24 am

Snow has been falling over the night and will continue to fall in southern Utah today above 8,000 ft.  Snowfall has also fallen above 7,000 feet in the Wasatch, however it has been more scattered in nature as expected.  Low pressure center is currently near Las Vegas at about 7 AM.  Expect this to continue eastward track along the Utah-Arizona border today.

An easterly flow has developed in Northern Utah.  Wrap-around precip is starting to fill in a bit on the Wasatch Back which could bring extra valley rain/mountain snow to them today.  The Wasatch Front will stay mostly dry with just occasional showers today.  As the low moves into Colorado tonight, a moist westerly flow will develop.  This pattern favors the Wasatch Front, but there isn’t much in the way of dynamics to do much more than keep a few showers going overnight and into tomorrow in the Wasatch.

Here is an image from Eagle Point this morning:



Hard to tell how much is on the ground so far, but it looks like at least a few inches.

Forecasted amounts still look good . . .

  • S. Utah mtns > 8,000 ft  4-8″ with more possible on highest south facing slopes.
  • Uintas 3-6″
  • Wasatch 2-4″

By Saturday, everybody will have a break.  Another system will begin to affect northern Utah late on Sunday into Monday.  This is a bit colder and could bring several more inches of snow to the Wasatch above 6K feet.  Next week has virtually no model agreement, so we’ll wait until tomorrow before we look at that.

Enjoy yet another early season snowfall!


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  1. Tim Torrisi

    Do you see this weekly snow pattern continuing? I’m in PC and trying to decide whether to mount my snow tires for the season!

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