The first snow!

Thursday, September 26, 2013 at 7:56 am

Yesterday the front pushed through and left an active jet streak in its wake that kept precipitation going in the Wasatch through most of the day.  I’m out of town right now so everything is being experienced through reader reports and images, so keep them coming on our Facebook page.  It looks like the snow level dropped down to 7,000 ft yesterday but most accumulation was confined to areas above 7500ft.   Snow amounts seemed to range anywhere from a trace to 4 or 5″.   This is actually more than expected out of the first wave so I supposed we can consider ourselves lucky.

Today, there will be a continuation of scattered showers but they will be mostly light and shouldn’t add too much to accumulations.  The colder, more favorable orographic environment will arrive this evening.  In addition to orographics, lake enhanced or lake effect  bands will also be a factor southeast of the GSL.   My guess is another 3-6″ is possible above 7,000 ft with small accumulations possible down to 6,000 ft by tomorrow (Friday) morning.   When lake effect is a factor, it should always be noted that there is the possibility for even more than that under a lake effect band.  Lake Effect is almost almost impossible to forecast, so we’ll just have to wait and see what develops.

We’ll start to clear out later in the day on Friday through the weekend.  Next week it looks like a zonal flow will be king.  A zonal flow just means the jet is flat rather than amplified.  This will send sytems into the Pacific Northwest and straight East in the Northern Rockies.  We’ll probably just get brushed by a couple dry fronts.  There is a possibility that late next week we could get a system to dig far enough south to give us a chance at more precipitation, but models have been poor with handling this feature so we’ll give them time.  Overall, expect drier and warmer conditions to prevail next week.  Chances are all the snow from yesterday and today will melt off, so if you’re concerned about this becoming a weak base layer later in the season, don’t be.

Enjoy the snow!!!!


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One thought on “The first snow!

  1. Scot Chipman

    This mornings NAM has has a 544 thickness and 700mb temp of -6 at 6am tomorrow which puts snow in the air down to 4,800 ft, could see accumulations as low as 5,000 ft.

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