Showers and storms, then dry and warm

Sunday, September 1, 2013 at 7:51 am

It’s September, which means from here on out, it won’t be too surprising to see snowfall in the Wasatch. With that said, there are no signs of it any time soon. But we all know how quickly weather patterns can change here in Utah, so time to start keeping an eye on the forecast.

In the short term, the entire state of Utah will be under the threat of showers and storms today and tomorrow (Sunday and Monday) as abundant moisture moves into the state. A westerly flow is progged to develop behind this moisture surge later this week that will serve to dry us out again. We will also see more warm weather through the weekend with temperatures at the SLC airport in the mid to upper 90s. This year, we’ve already set a record with 52 days of 95+F high temps at the SLC airport, it looks like we’ll add at least a few more days to that record before the end of next weekend.

Looking into the long range, it looks like next weekend a low pressure system, currently spinning in the Eastern Pacific, will eventually lift into the Pac NW and far northern Rockies. Doubt we’ll see much more than a few clouds and slightly cooler temperatures. Beyond that, a ridge will form in the Eastern Pacific. This will serve to deflect any majors systems away from the west coast through at least the middle of September. Our next chance for Fall to arrive will be if we can get this Eastern Pacific ridge to retrograde far enough west to allow systems to drop down the backside.

Everything else in the long range is status quo. Looks like we will have a weak El Nino. As I’ve mentioned before, ENSO events, especially weak ones, don’t affect Utah as much as the West coast. However, it will slightly favor areas farther south. The winter is still a big question mark — but as I’ve mentioned before, the overall pattern, if nothing else, looks like it will at least be different than the last two years. Hopefully “different” will end up being better.


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