April continues to grind out more snow . . .

Monday, April 15, 2013 at 7:23 am

Monday PM update:

Snow showers eventually dissipated today, but not before dropping a few more inches in the high elevations.  The stalled boundary currently extends from Southwest Utah, near Beaver, east through south-central Utah and along the I-70 corridor all the way east of Denver.  Along this boundary, heavy snowfall has been falling all day, especially in Colorado.  If you are cursing our luck with closing day, they are having one of their biggest powder days of the year the day after most resorts closed.  Bummer!

This stalled boundary will start to slowly migrate north tonight but I don’t think it will make it close enough to really do all that much for the Cottonwoods.  There will still be moisture and instability throughout Utah tonight, so expect snowfall to increase even outside this boundary.  The boundary will start to pivot tonight and take on a more north-south component.  I think most precipitation will stay south and east of the Central Wasatch, with the Uintas and the mountains of central Utah seeing the most snow.  I still think the Cottonwoods will see 3-6″ additional snowfall somewhere between now and Wednesday morning.  It’s just impossible to pinpoint exactly when or where the best snowfall will occur.  In all likelihood, we’ll end up with some locations that are well over 6″ and some that don’t even reach 3″, but I’m just generalizing for now.  It’s a complicated storm, but it definitely has the potential to surprise us.  Hopefully Brighton and Snowbird do particularly well, considering they are the only ones left open.

Update in the AM…WSF



As expected, we had a snow band overnight that put down an inch or two of snow on grassy surfaces in the valleys and 3-6″ in the Cottonwoods.  Should make for some fun skiing again today.  It will be mostly a break in the weather through the day.

As the trough itself moves into the area tonight, there will be an increase in precip especially from Southern Utah north into the Uintas.  As the trough moves east, it will pivot this precip westward into the Wasatch, favoring the Wasatch Back.  It’s hard to predict how much snow will make it over into areas like the Cottonwoods, but I’d expect with this much moisture and a long duration event, we should get a decent band of snow at some point between tonight and Wednesday night.  So we’ll stick with another 3-6″, bringing storm totals to 6-12″ from Sunday night through Wednesday. Wednesday we’ll clear out but there will be a cold, unstable airmass over head.  We could see a bit of lake effect in places.

Warmer weather for Thursday and Friday before the next system moves in Friday night into Saturday. This is a fast mover but has been trending stronger.  For now I still think another 3-6″ is in order.



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  1. thefugitive

    WSF you are the best and you make my life happy when I am stuck at work! Giving me things to look forward too on my days off. Keep doing what you are doing!!!!!!

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