Closing Day powder! With more on the way!

Sunday, April 14, 2013 at 9:12 am

Sunday PM update:

Quick update tonight for those of us still hoping to get one or two more powder days early this week . . . Everything is still on track.  I think the initial boundary will set up tonight somewhere in the Central or Southern Wasatch.  Clearly, snowfall amounts will be dependent on where exactly the boundary sets up, but looking at radar returns right now, I’m getting the feeling it might work out for the Cottonwoods tonight into tomorrow morning.  Accumulations should be in the 3-6″ range through noon tomorrow.  Brighton and Snowbird are the only resorts open tomorrow so let’s hope they do well.

As the Low pressure center tracks through central Utah late Monday, I expect a bit of a baroclinic zone to set up just east and south of the Wasatch.  This will pivot and rotate into the the Wasatch Back tomorrow night and Tuesday, hopefully bringing additional accumulations.  The Uintas and mountains of Central Utah are going to see the brunt of the system though.  My best guess for the Wasatch is an additional 3-6″ by Tuesday night.  That will bring two day storm totals to 6-12″.  Uintas should get 10-16″ along with portions of Central Utah.  This system is similar to the systems we saw in the early parts of the past two weeks, and both of those storms over-performed — let’s hope for a bit more April luck.  Today was a great day! Tomorrow looks to be good! And Tuesday and Wednesday have potential as well.  Sad to think so many resorts aren’t open for it to be enjoyed.

On a side note, I was just looking at the stats, and April is already almost the best month of the season for Park City resorts in terms of snowfall totals.  For the Cottonwoods, December was king, but April is already almost as good as Jan, Feb, March.  I’m not sure that is a reflection of how good April is, but rather how bad its 2013 predecessors were.  Anyway, it’s valuable moisture to help us avoid drought conditions this summer.  Looking more and more like we’ll get another system next weekend, but it looks like a fast moving 3-6″ type of storm.  After that, ridge city!




3-6″ of fresh snow being reported in the Wasatch this morning from yesterday’s weak system.  We hit our forecasted numbers on the nose and we have sunny skies right now, so it is going to be an amazing closing day for many resorts!

Tonight, the next system will start to move into the area. This system will hang around into Wednesday with periodic snowfall throughout Utah and much colder temperatures.  The initial front will move through Northern Utah tomorrow bringing a period of mostly light snowfall to the Wasatch.  Don’t see too much accumulation but a few inches is certainly possible for tomorrow’s skiing/riding.  The Low pressure center will migrate through central Utah slowly on Tuesday.  The EC and GFS keep the best precip to the south and east of the Wasatch.  The NAM has been much farther north, developing a baroclinic zone stretching from the Uintas to about Delta.  I think we may be looking at another storm where the Uintas and the Wasatch Back see the brunt of precipitation whereas the Cottonwoods see more showery weather and lighter totals.

It’s a tough forecast as the models still aren’t in agreement, but right now I’d expect 4-8″ Monday-Wednesday in the Wasatch with pockets of more where banding sets up.  Central Utah mountains will get 6-12″ and the Uintas will be in the 10-16″ range.  Winds may also be a problem as they could be potentially strong from an easterly direction as the system passes just to our south.

Later this week we’ll dry out and warm up.  We may have a chance to get clipped by a weak system next weekend, but other than that it looks like an extended period of warm temps and sunshine.


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  1. peter

    Thanks for the great work this year. I look at the other forecasters, of course, but I believe in you the most. Have an excellent summer.

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