Closing weekend, for most

Friday, April 12, 2013 at 7:54 am

Saturday update: 

If you’re wondering why it’s cloudy and breezy today instead of mostly sunny and warm as the forecast was suggesting the other day, it’s because the front which was initially looking to move into the area on Sunday morning sped up and will now cross Northern Utah this afternoon.  Expect valley rain showers and high elevation snow this afternoon.  It’s fast moving and not terribly strong, so accumulations shouldn’t be much more than a few inches, But this afternoon could feature some good storm skiing in a quick burst of snow.

Tomorrow will be much colder but should be a break in the action.  Hopefully we’ll get enough snow this evening for it to be a closing day powder day.  Next storm moving in on Monday and Tuesday.  Not much has changed since yesterday’s discussion.  I think 6-12″ is likely in the mountains of Southern and Central Utah with 3-6″ for the Wasatch by Wednesday morning.  WSF


Closing weekend is now upon us for so many local area resorts.  Alta will continue to be open weekends through the end of the month.  Brighton still has another week.  Snowbird is open through Memorial Day. All other resorts are either closed already or closing this weekend.

As we’ve mentioned before, it’s somewhat unfortunate as the Monday and Tuesday could be the best powder days in the coming week.  Didn’t hear too many reports yesterday about the skiing but I can’t imagine it was too bad.  Today should be warmer with snow softening a bit in the afternoon.  Tomorrow we’ll see increasing cloudiness.  The initial front that was at one point timing for Sunday is now speeding up and will move in late in the day on Saturday into Saturday night.  This is good news for those of you hoping for a little bit of powder on closing day.  This system is relatively weak however, and I only expect a few inches, but still a good way to send out the season.

For the resorts that are open beyond Sunday (or for those of you doing backcountry) the best ski days look to be Monday and Tuesday.  A stronger cold front will sag into the Great Basin on Sunday night.  This front is then expected to stall. The big questions is just where it stalls.  Some models have shown it stalling directly over the Central Wasatch (Cottonwoods / PC) while others have shown it dropping south into Central Utah (Southern Wasatch) before stalling.  This will make a huge difference in snowfall totals.  If the front just moves through and stalls south of us, expect only around 6″ or so on average in the Wasatch.  However, if it stall over us, we could be looking at another foot or more in the high elevations.

This front will also usher in much colder air with snow levels falling to valley floors by later in the day on Monday.  If the boundary is stalled over us on Monday night, it is possible to see some accumulations on valley floors.

My best guess right now, based on current model trends, is that the stalled boundary will set up to our south.  That would give us 2-5″ with the initial front on Saturday night and another 3-6″ in the Monday-Tuesday timeframe.  Hopefully I’m wrong and it sets up farther north.

We then dry out starting Wednesday.  Looks like we’ll be clipped by weak systems through the end of next week as they pass through the Northern Rockies.  Mostly just clouds and slight chances for showers. Nothing major at this time . . .


Posts on WSF will become much less frequent following this weekend as we pursue other endeavors for the summer. Again, we will post as warranted as decent snowfall is possible in Wasatch through the month of May, however the daily updates will have to wait until next Fall.  Several of you have donated to WSF over the past two days.  A huge thank you to those of you who have! It means a lot that my time and effort writing these forecasts is appreciated.  Thanks again! See you next year!

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3 thoughts on “Closing weekend, for most

  1. Anonymous

    Thanks for your work this year. As a frequent visitor (5 trips this year, need to look into local housing at this point) can’t say how much I appreciate the resource to make the most of my limited Wasatch time. You’re always very frank about confidence level when you’re predicting, and maybe I’m just lucky but it translated educated guesses into a fantastic season even if overall totals are weak this year.

    Best of luck to you guys getting more late season moisture, even if my gear is packed up for the summer, and I’ll be back up there come December trying not to look like a gaper.

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