Wind Wind Wind and some snow

Monday, April 8, 2013 at 7:07 am

9:30 PM:

Last update of the evening… Snow is continuing with good moisture filtering into the Wasatch Back.  Snow levels currently are at around 6,000 ft, but those should drop to valley floors soon.  Radar imagery showing echos moving into PC area right now.  These should make it into the Cottonwoods as well.  4-10″ fell this morning, another 2-5″ has fallen on top of that in most areas.  Another 3-6″ is likely tonight with snow densities decreasing. It looks like we’ll end up with snowfall totals of 8-20″ in the Wasatch.  Not too bad for April. Also, I’ve recorded almost an inch of rain in my rain gauge in the SLC valley — valuable moisture heading into the summer.

Winds still expected to pick up at times tonight, so wouldn’t be surprised to see wind packed snow tomorrow with a breezy morning before things calm down in the afternoon.

Quick update in the AM before I head up to the hill . . .

4:30 PM update:

Downslope wind event for Wasatch Front from SLC north to Ogden is starting to take shape.  Precip in the Wasatch was heavy this morning but is now more showery as the flow is becoming easterly. Accumulations so far have generally been 4-10″. Still questions as to how much more snowfall we will see in the Wasatch tonight.  PC ridge is hoping for some banding tonight in the easterly flow along with the help of upslope.  This could give the Wasatch Back another good snowfall similar to last week. The more precip we see, the less wind issues we will have and vice versa.

My best guess would put overnight snowfall totals at an additional 3-6″ above 7,000 feet in the Wasatch, but if we get some good precip bands to work their way into the area, we could see significantly more in places.

Still expecting tomorrow to be good no matter what.  Wind sheltered areas could receive some massive deposits, it just might take skiing through some wind crust to get their.  We will keep you updated this evening as to the development of potential precip bands.

10 AM update:

Valley Rain and Mountain snow has been falling heavily in a precip band over the central Wasatch this morning.  Already reports of 6″ or more in areas above 6,000 feet.  This precip band is slowly moving north, but is showing some signs of pivoting as the Low tracks east.  This could keep snowfall going for much of the day…. Let’s hope it continues.  Looks like we are getting lucky again! Enjoy!


Moisture moving into the Wasatch this morning.  Snow should continue for much of the day in the Wasatch.  Later this afternoon and tonight the Low itself will move into Utah, turning the flow more easterly for Northern Utah.  This will limit snowfall in the Wasatch and instead favor the Wasatch Back, mountains of central/southern Utah, and the Uintas.

Wasatch accumulations will mostly be today before the weather turns windy and showery tonight.  Expect 6-12″ for the Wasatch by tomorrow morning.   Strong downslope winds are possible along the Wasatch Front, especially north of I-80 up to Ogden.  Wind precautions should be taken this morning.

I have a feeling that the snow that does fall today will be really tainted by the winds tonight unfortunately for skiers in the Wasatch.  Lots of wind loading and wind buffered snow.

The Uintas and Wasatch Back and Book Cliffs stand to do very well in this pattern with 1-2 feet of Spring snowfall possible.  Much needed moisture.  The next day or two is going to be very active so I will do my best to keep you updated.

This a very complex weather pattern and very difficult to pinpoint exact snow amounts.  We will likely see some areas fall short of expected amounts and others that surpass the range.  Impossible to know what areas will do which.  Enjoy some storm skiing today and hopefully a full powder day tomorrow if we get lucky.  Stay tuned . . .


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