Powder to the People

Friday, March 22, 2013 at 8:37 am

9:45 Update:

Lake effect snow has developed over the northern half of the Salt Lake Valley and into the Cottonwoods (PC is on the fringes of the band right now):



Hopefully this snow band will hold over these areas for a good while this evening and overnight!


Orographic snow showers continued for most of the day today in locations favored by the northwest flow.  I was in LCC today and would estimate 4-8″ fell throughout the day.  Areas outside the Cottonwoods generally saw less. Any additional accumulations in these areas will likely come from occasional snow squalls this weekend.

Now to the exciting part–the potential for lake effect snow.  Conditions are excellent for a lake effect event tonight and early tomorrow: cold air, relatively warm lake water temps, decent moisture and instability.  It’s the weather nerd in me that is fascinated to see how this develops tonight.  The lake effect band may start close enough to the Cottonwoods to drop more snow up the canyons, however, I’m thinking it may migrate away from the Cottonwoods and closer to the Oquirrhs by later tonight.  It will be interesting to see how this lake effect band develops. If we can get it just right, we could see decent accumulations.

Moist northwest flow will keep the threat of additional snow showers around through the weekend before we finally dry out and warm up heading into next week.  The next chance for a storm is later next weekend.  At this time it’s too early for any details although it does appear like it will have warmer origins and therefore higher snow levels.  Long-range models are hinting at an active pattern developing during the first week of April . . . WSF


More snow is now falling over much of the Wasatch.  Should fall off and on today with more powder skiing conditions likely.  Lake enhancement will take place south and east of the lake this afternoon and tonight.  Additional accumulations of 2-4″ likely today with up to 8″ in places favored by northwest flow, as well as direcetly southeast of the GSL.  This will fall on top of the 6-17″ the Wasatch has already seen over the past 48 hours.  Good times! More later today on the long-range forecast . . . WSF

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8 thoughts on “Powder to the People

  1. Anonymous

    Oh yeah!! Driving in tomorrow night with the family for a week! We’re going to have it all it looks like, powder days with cold temps and then spring skiing later in the week. The best of trips coming up I hope. Thanks guys for all the forecast work.

    Hope all you “wasatch haters” last week learned your lesson. Next time your standing on the edge of the cliff complaining about how the season sucks, dont post…just jump

  2. Mark

    Hey now, the “haters” are bummed about the below average season we’re having and frustrated by the overly optimistic forecasts that more often than naught fall far short of reality. While this current weather system is much appreciated and the fresh snow a welcome relief, it won’t get us back to average – not even close. And yes, I admit we’re incredibly spoiled here in the Wasatch, but it’s hard to consider this season a success when we’re used to 500+ inches with some years 700+!

    So don’t hate on the haters, especially if you’re from out of town and just happened to get lucky with your trip. I’m glad you’re going to enjoy good conditions, but don’t rip on those of us who have suffered through the second sub-par winter in a row.

    1. Anonymous

      Your not the only group that “suffers”. Some of us drop thousands and thousands of dollars to visit the Wasatch every year. With 3+ weeks of skiing per year for an “out of town” family of 5 I can bet the resorts and economy get more of my $ every year than most locals. Yet with the gamble we take and a lot of money on the line we can still be happy… just sayin

      1. Anonymous

        While not having a ton of snow to ski on isn’t ideal, what’s worse is having a second drought summer in a row and the threat of wildfires destroying your home. THAT is the major concern for a lot of us locals.

  3. Anonymous

    I wouldn’t call conditions ‘good’ – I’d call them ‘pretty alright’ with ‘pretty good’ in places. It’s been a rough year – and for those of us on the Park City side of things, we haven’t had even 1 really epic day of skiing this whole season. (The Christmas storm was good, but not epic).

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