Fluff on wet stuff

Thursday, March 21, 2013 at 6:46 am

5:30 PM update:

Today was pretty awesome.  Storm totals ranged from 8-15″ in the Wasatch since yesterday morning–better than expected!  Like forecasted, the bottom was wet but the top was nice and fluffy with today’s cold system.  After the front moved through early this morning (commuter special), we saw a decent lake effect band set up southeast of the GSL.

Tomorrow, our next system will move in and should do a decent job firing up snow showers again in the morning hours.  There’s very little moisture associated with the system but plenty of cold air and instability should generate decent orographic lift in the mountains.  Right now I’m thinking another 3-6″ for the Northern Wasatch.  The wildcard in this is lake effect… It’s almost impossible to predict lake effect, but based on today’s lake effect band and an even more favorable atmosphere tomorrow, suspect that we’ll see at least a bit of lake enhancement.  It is certainly possible for higher amounts under this lake-effect band if and where it sets up.

Cold weather and chances for snow showers will continue through the end of the weekend . . . WSF


8:15 AM:  Cold front has now moved south into the Southern Wasatch and heavy snowfall is already starting to diminish, but not before dropping a quick couple inches in the valleys and 2-5″ in the mountains.  Lake effect snowfall is already starting to develop Southeast of the GSL and, together with orographics, should keep snow showers going through the rest of the morning before more stable air enters the area this afternoon.  Time to ski, hopefully I’ll see you on the hill!

6:30 AM:  We have received 5-9″ of heavy, wet snow in the Wasatch as of 6 AM this morning.  That puts us almost to the 5-10″ forecasted by the end of the day today.  So we are ahead of schedule with this system and snow is picking up fast this morning as the cold front moves through the area.  I expect another 3-6″ by noon today before the valve shuts off quickly and we dry out this afternoon and tonight.  That would put us at storm totals of 8-15″ by tonight.  Not too shabby!

Another impulse, albeit weaker, moves through tomorrow with another several inches possible.  Scattered snow showers all weekend will keep things fresh in the mountains.  It will be a good weekend to ski!

More later . . . WSF

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8 thoughts on “Fluff on wet stuff

  1. Steve

    Nice day at the Canyons today. snowed all day even with blue sky around. Windy though. Not bad sking though.

  2. Shred

    PowMow cream! the wetness that fell yesterday and last night had the moisture sucked out of it, bonded to the old sun-effect and turned into a cream fest

  3. Seth

    Hey WSF, thanks for all the work you put in. You’re part of my daily weather routine for figuring skiing conditions. One thing I think your forecast lacks is discussions about the winds. Winds can have just as much impact on ski conditions as snow amounts; today was a great day of patrolling at the Can for me, but mostly because the wind filled in old tracks throughout the day. Wind is especially important for backcountry skiers. Keep up the great work, and here’s to a good April!

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