Manic March.

Monday, March 18, 2013 at 6:47 am

Models have remained consistent so far with regards to the system for late Wednesday into Thursday.   The moist, warm portion of the storm will move through first with higher snow levels and high density snow late on Wednesday followed by the colder, showery Low pressure system dropping out of the northwest on Thursday.  The system is by no means “major”, but it’s not horrible either.  If it came in January, we might be able to squeeze 1-2 feet out of it, but since it is now late March and the atmosphere isn’t as primed for snowfall, we won’t see nearly that much.  I’m still thinking 5-10″ is likely in the Wasatch.  NWS came out last night with a 3-6″ prediction, which I thought was a bit low.  (It’s not often that their predictions have been less than ours.)  However, today the NWS prediction was bumped up to 6-10″ which seems about right.  If you’re tired of getting your hopes up only for them to be dashed by our recent series of disappointing systems, I don’t blame you at all for setting low expectations.

On Friday, the system will exit the area, however models now agree that we will be left with a cold northwest flow through this weekend that will keep temps down and keep the threat for periodic snowfall in the forecast.  The disturbances that will ripple through the area are mostly weak, but I wouldn’t be surprised to see a few additional inches of accumulations this weekend, especially up north.

Long-range forecast shows that the ridge will eventually nudge its way over the area next week but both the Euro and GFS keep it relatively short lived with systems approaching for the end of March.  We’ll see if that holds true, as we desperately need storms in March/April.  Even if you’ve given up on skiing/riding for the season, to avoid hydro issues, we should all hope for a wet Spring.


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  • Anonymous

    Gonna be another tough summer of irrigation for the welfare ranchers and farmers!

  • Anonymous

    Thanks for the great morning update. From reading your posts, I know that you try to be optimistic but have you given up hope on the possibility of more good skiing for the remainder of the season? Thanks for all your efforts.

    • Not at all, no. We can only see 7-10 days out in forecast models with any degree of confidence. So even if we don’t get all that much this week or next week, for all I know, we could have a record breaking April. There have been many Aprils in the Wasatch with 100″+ of snow, so it’s entirely possible for us to have more great ski days before the lifts close. With that being said, it’s now all but impossible for us to get enough snow to get back to average for the year.

      • Anonymous

        Thanks! Do you think that the upcoming system on Wed-Fri will provide for some good skiing by the end of the week?

        • I guess that all depends on your definition of good. There will be at least some fresh powder which is always good. Especially when we haven’t seen much for awhile. Will it be epic deep quintessential Utah pow? Probably not. 🙂

      • Anonymous

        Thanks! Do you think that the upcoming system for this week will provide for some good end of week skiing? I am heading to LCC and BCC for a ski trip and hpoing the conditions are still okay.

      • Anonymous

        I was not expecting epic deep but just some fresh snow. I am coming for a trip to LCC/BCC. Are the ski conditions still reasonable?

        • Yeah, was up there this weekend and still good coverage and soft snow in the afternoons.

  • Anonymous

    One more prediction please 😉 I’ll be there the 24th through the 30th. We are hoping for good snow but I’ll be happy if all the runs are open and theres snow to play on. I’m satisfied hanging out in the terrain parks if needed which I guess should still be fine next week…??. I would like to do mineral basin at the bird, do you think it will be open next week?

    • Nicholas

      There is plenty of snow left.

  • Anonymous

    Looks like NWS upped the totals a bit and possible 3-5″ for friday. Any thoughts WSF?

    • My thoughts will be in today’s discussion! Should be posted by 8:30 AM