False Spring?

Sunday, March 10, 2013 at 11:29 am

Gorgeous weather has infiltrated the region today and will continue for much of this week with temps climbing above normal and spring skiing conditions developing.  Strong jet to our north may occasionally bring high clouds over the next 5 days but no chance for snow.  Temps will be warm, skiing will be fun! Got several reports that the skiing in PC was awesome yesterday with some saying it seemed even deeper than the 6-8″ reported.

Some good news to report in the long-term. The models have been in limbo trying to decided how to handle a potential pattern change taking shape for next weekend.  The GFS is finally starting to find some run-to-run consistency and it is showing a potentially decent system for next Sunday (17th) with the potential for additional systems beyond that.  Still too early to start ringing the powder alert alarm bells, but at least some good news to report. Last night’s run of the ECMWF also showed the system but kept it slightly farther north than the GFS.  Waiting for the 12z Euro to come in to see if it follows the GFS.

Don’t put away the heavy jacket and powder skis just yet…


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9 thoughts on “False Spring?

  1. Anonymous

    WSF… any thoughts on the the latest run of the Euro for the 17th and beyond? Am I correct in saying that the GFS still looks pretty good? Thanks!

  2. Redacted

    Hey WSF. Got a Q for ya. In PC for the week (leave fri). Want to do park city, deer valley, alya, snowbasin. Given the temps this week should we do alta on the front end to get the better snow there it save it for later in the week because its colder than the rest. Conversely, should we save deer valley/ park city for later in the week because of their grooming?

    Thanks for the tips.

    1. anon

      Getting to Alta when it’s warm is your best bet. The snow can be quite fun if it warms up enough.

  3. Steve

    NWS says the models are diverging pretty big time. GFS is looking pretty bad. Will be curious to hear your take on it all.

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