Saturday, March 9

Saturday, March 9, 2013 at 7:14 am

Technical issues from this morning resolved…

Low pressure system is now quickly heading away from Utah and through New Mexico and Colorado.  Wasatch will clear out today and tonight and warm up tomorrow.  Temps will continue to climb through the week with spring skiing conditions firmly in place.  Crunchy in the morning and soft in the afternoon.  Highs in the valleys will top out in the low 60s by the end of the week and near 50 on the mountain.  Might not be quite as fun as powder, but should still be a great week to ski and have a BBQ in the parking lot!

The jet stream will be active over the next week, but it will be well north of Utah, taking aim at the Pacific NW and British Columbia.  The models are still hinting at cold systems eventually returning to the Great Basin and Utah, but differ on the details and the timing.  GFS wants to bring a system in around the 17th while the Euro is currently thinking a very weak system on the 17th before stronger system for the 19th/20th.

For those of you traveling to Utah, don’t worry, the snowpack will hold up just fine through the end of the month.  But if we don’t get some good storm cycles going, us locals who like to ski until Memorial Day, might have to ready the bicycles for action a little sooner than normal instead.

The models will work out the details of our potential pattern change over the next few days. Until then, enjoy the spring-like conditions.


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    love the site, whats the call for tomorrow being the blue bird day here in UT? the bird?

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