Weak sauce

Tuesday, February 26, 2013 at 7:16 am

The system was weak to begin with, but it’s still disappointing when you don’t get as much snow as you were hoping for.  Still snowing in a lot of places and that should continue for a few more hours. A little bit of lake enhancement taking place just south and southeast of the GSL right now. Just in time for a commuter’s special.  Accumulations range from 0″ to 4″ in the Wasatch with the highest amounts generally in the Cottonwoods.  With another inch or two, suspect we’ll end up with 1-6″ from this “storm”.

Interestingly, the models were consistent right up to the onset that there would be more widespread snowfall.  I went to sleep last night looking at the radar returns, which literally showed nothing.  Satellite and water vapor weren’t too impressive either.  But the models insisted on a flair up in precip around midnight.  From a purely nerdy meteorological standpoint, I’m going to do some digging tonight to get some answers.

In a piece of good news, there are signs that the ridging could be shorter lived than expected.  GFS and Euro both show a potential system for about Monday, March 4th.  Not very confident as this system could easily be forced to our north, but it’s worth a mention.

Just looked outside and it’s dumping at mi casa.  Time to pack up the gear and head up for some turns! Hope you’re doing the same.


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19 thoughts on “Weak sauce

  1. Anonymous

    Hello WSF. Thanks for the update this morning. Are there still positive signs that an active pattern could redevelop going into second week of March? Thanks

  2. scotchipman

    Evan, What kind of answers are you looking for? In the end it always comes down the various ways of lifting the air parcel to produce precipitation.

  3. Dante

    With this morning’s scattered snow I think the snow totals came close to WSF’s forecast. I check this site at least 5 times per week ….. by far the most reliable, most enjoyable, and most informative snow forecast available. Thanks, WSF!!

    1. scotchipman

      I just looked at the 12Z GFS and it is now showing a storm moving in on Sunday afternoon, the ECMWF also has a storm in the same time period but not as strong.

  4. Tanner McMuff

    Im spreading the word about this site!
    Thanks WSF!!!!

  5. aaron@musicmatters101.com

    First of all great site. I discovered it last week and I’m in Utah now and checking it all the time.

    2 things:

    1. Your mention “ridging” alot, can you Explain what that is?

    2. Is there a way to get an alert that you have posted an update? Or have the updates emailed to us?

    Thanks again, keep up the frat work!!


    1. wasatchsnowcast

      Ridging is a ridge of high pressure. These generally keep the storms away from the area. As for e-mail, we are hosted by wordpress, so I think if you have a wordpress login, you can “follow” the blog and that will email you when there is a new post. You can also follow us on Facebook, if you have it. We usually let everybody know when there’s a new post on there.

  6. Tmoney

    The caynons skied well today! About 8″ up top, skied the north face and had fun. I noticed that the storm was late arriving and showers stuck around all day. In fact 3″ came from about 10-1230. Was the storm late arriving? Or did the front of the storm split around the wasatch and we just got the trailing parent storm? Keep up the great work

  7. Anonymous

    Definitely the best snow forecast site that I have seen! Hands down! You do an awesome job WSF! Do you have any feeling as to how March will fair in terms of snowfall? I would love to hear your thoughts. Thanks for all your great work.

      1. Anonymous

        Looking at the forecast looks like a warm up, should I be fearful of rain/wet snow at Park city Canyons? Don’t know how much elevation really comes into play. Heading there 3/3 for the week. BTW Long time lurker excellent forecast!

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