All Aboard the Storm Train

Sunday, February 17, 2013 at 8:30 am

Today’s weak system will precede what is looking more and more like a series of decent storms.  Today we will have a cold front move through the state.  Right now (8 am) it is just moving into the far northern parts of Utah and will move south throughout the day.  It should move through the SLC, Cottonwoods, and PC area sometime around noon.  Still don’t expect much, if anything, from this system as it has limited moisture.  A quick inch or two is possible.

Tuesday night thru Thursday will feature at least moderate snowfall in the Wasatch. Tomorrow is a nice President’s Day break for the state before the next, stronger system approaches.  GFS and Euro have zeroed-in on the low tracking through Southern Utah late on Tuesday.  This will increasingly pull moisture north into the area on Tuesday evening and through the night.  This southerly flow didn’t do much for most resorts with our last system so I have my doubts with this storm.  It is also the warm sector of the storm so snow levels might rise off lower valley floors on Tuesday evening. On Wednesday the flow will gradually transition to east, then north, and eventually northwest by Wednesday night.  This will draw in more moisture and more widespread snow.  As of right now, I don’t expect major accumulations, but moderate accumulations are possible Tuesday night – Thursday with 6-14″ in the Wasatch.  The mountains of Southern Utah should do very well too as the low tracks right over them.  

Thursday night thru Friday night will be a break in the action, but snow showers will still be possible at times.  Expect there to be a break starting late on Thursday and continuing through Friday night.  There should still be mostly orographically enhanced snow showers at times in the high elevations, but don’t think accumulations will be more than a few inches.

Next strong storm moves in on Saturday. This storm is still a bit far out to know the details, but it looks like at least another moderate storm and possibly significant.  GFS and Euro both move it into the area on Saturday and keep the snowfall lingering into Sunday.  It is another cold storm with snow for almost all elevations in Utah.

More storms possible the following week . . . Still way too early to know any details, but it does look like the active pattern will continue into next week with a system timing for around Tuesday, Feb 26.

Let’s bring that snowpack back up above normal!


P.S. I don’t know why the second paragraph is a larger font… Wasn’t my intention…. can’t figure out how to change it back . . .

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9 thoughts on “All Aboard the Storm Train

  1. Anonymous

    Good morning WSF. What great news at last. You have been doing a phenomenal job keeping us all up to date with this current storm cycle. Do you see Alta/Snowbird receiving decent mounts of snow from this current storm cycle? Thanks!

      1. Anonymous

        Awesome news! Thanks so much. I am heading out to Alta March 21-24. Even if there are no moderate/big storms by then do feel that the coverage on the slopes will still provide for some good skiing? Thanks!

  2. wsf devotee

    i wake up and scour your site every morning –planning which day of the week i am going to take off of work to ski and tell my friends who do the same. It is the highlight of our winter existence. As far as your font challenges go, look at the source code. you probably have extra font in-between letters and/or words where they should not exist. Seems to happen more often with cut and paste. Great job on forecasting no matter the font. we don’t care about fonts– only when to call in with the powder flu! Thank you!

  3. Eric Hoffman

    Looks like you have a tag wrapping the whole second paragraph that sets it at 16px, guess you were trying to emphasize the coming storm and ensure it delivers what we’re hoping for?? *fingers crossed*

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