Storm Day Has Arrived!

Sunday, January 27, 2013 at 8:01 am

6:30 PM update:

Snow is coming down in earnest over much of the Wasatch and Wasatch Front. Reports of anywhere from 3-12″ at Wasatch ski areas so far with 2-8″ in the Valleys. Think it’s time we bump up our snowfall predictions a bit! We were a bit skeptical of this system but it sure is delivering. Let’s bump up the 6-12″ in the high Wasatch to 8-16″ with more possible in areas north of I-80. Valleys will also likely see 4-8″ with up to a foot on the benches. We love it when a storm over performs!

Again, another fairly potent disturbance will bring more snow to the area on Tuesday so we may end up with three day totals of 2-3 feet in the Wasatch! More in the AM!

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Strong southwesterly flow ahead of the front has already scoured out most of the lower valleys as of 8 AM this morning. I can see clear across the Salt Lake Valley for the first time in two weeks or so. Everything is looking good with this system. Looking at the charts I’d expect a good amount of snow for the Wasatch. Models have trended slightly faster so snow should start by mid-day in most locations, with resorts farther north seeing snow earlier. Here is the WRF forecasted snowfall for through about 5 AM Monday morning:


All things considered, I expect this first system to drop 6-12″ in the Wasatch with possibly more in orographically favored areas like the Cottonwoods.

It looks more and more like the trailing system on Tuesday will pack a bit of a punch too. There won’t be as much moisture to work with as the initial front, but with cold air already in place, snow density will be lower and therefore allow for more rapid accumulations. We think an additional 5-10″ is possible. This will leave us with three day snowfall totals of about 1-2 feet. This is great news to keep us within at least touching distance of normal as we head into the month of February.

If you’d like a full outlook on the long-range, you can find it near the bottom of yesterday’s discussion.

This afternoon, Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday should all be great days to ski. If you’re stuck in work in the valleys, you can at least enjoy the clean air.

Happy Faceshots!


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12 thoughts on “Storm Day Has Arrived!

  1. Matt

    Any chance we are trending towards higher end of snow totals, at least for today thru tomorrow morning?

    1. wasatchsnowcast

      Matt, well I would guess that areas north of I-80 have already seen 6-12″ based on radar returns. So definitely yes for them. The Cottonwoods and Park City has generally seen 3-6″ so far but they should at least double that so they might be at the high end of the range as well. Looking pretty good!

  2. Maui Built

    Just finished up at the canyons – at least 6″ up top at 4 pm. Still coming down heavy.
    Back down in Jeremy at 6 pm dumping even more. Gonna be sweet Monday am. Aloha.

  3. Matt

    Have no idea what is going on but NWS just upped WEDNESDAY’S projections to 8-14″…their high end is 36″ between today and Wed, not including yesterday and last night. WOW just WOW. What;s going on with this thing?

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