Some good signs . . .

Sunday, January 20, 2013 at 8:11 am

Monday AM: Quick update this morning before I fly back to Utah today… Looking at the models this morning, I’m seeing a slightly stronger system on Thursday than we expected at this time yesterday. Latest GFS suggests we won’t be completely missed but still only paints light snowfall for the upper elevations, so still nothing to write home about. Don’t think it will be strong enough to mix out the inversions fully either. System for late Sunday-Monday looks much better although the GFS and EC aren’t in total agreement. EC wants to cut it off a bit and drop it down the coast while the GFS drops it into the Great Basin as a broad trough.

Either way we could see some fresh snow! And this second storm should clear out the valleys finally! Confidence is high that we will see a change in the weather pattern but the details are still sparse. Stay tuned and will get everything ironed out for you as the week progresses!



There are too many questions in the future to get excited just yet, but it does look like we’ll finally start to see a pattern shift next weekend that could bring us a return to snow as we head into February. The dominate high pressure will continue into the first half of this week before a system moves into the Pac NW on Wednesday. This system is fairly weak and won’t have much success breaking down the ridge. It will be forced mostly north of Utah and at this time I wouldn’t expect anything more than a few clouds, light breezes and a slight chance for a snow shower in far northern Utah on Wednesday night/Thursday. It will weaken the ridge just enough to perhaps allow a second system to drop into the area early next week. This next system might cut-off and drop south off the Califonia coast. Both models have suggested it could latch onto a bit of sub-tropical moisture. There is a lot of uncertainty with this system as every model run seems to suggest different scenarios and timing. As of right now it is timing for about Monday-Tuesday of next week. Here is the latest CPC 6-10 day forecast:


Notice the above normal precipitation forecasted not just for Utah, but the majority of the contiguous United States…

Could this finally break the pattern? It’s hard to tell right now, but at this point I would expect that it will finally rid us of the inversions and has the potential to drop some fresh snow if all goes according to plan. Honestly, when you are under the influence of such a dominate high pressure ridge, any news is good news. Stay with us for the next week as the details begin to manifest themselves.

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