Time to get high . . .

Friday, January 18, 2013 at 9:38 am

…and out of these rotten valley inversions. The air quality is continuing to worsen and many areas of the Wasatch Front saw light “inversion flurries” overnight and this morning. Temps dropped down to the single digits at the SLC airport and will struggle to reach the 20s yet again today. Up above 8,000 feet, however, temps will climb into the 30s with sunshine! So head up there!

Yesterday morning we mentioned a system that would give us a chance for snowfall starting about next Thursday. This system is still in the cards but don’t expect much from it as it has a tough task to try and break down the ridge and by the time it makes it across the Great Basin, it looks like it will have sheared apart with most of its remaining energy heading north of Utah. We still could see some very light snowfall in northern Utah mountains on Thursday the 24th. The other hope is that this system will maintain enough strength and generate enough low level winds to help clean out the valleys. I’m not overly optimistic as it seems just too weak and too far north to do much.

There is another system timing for about the 28th that may have a bit more luck. Still way too early to make any concrete forecasts, but the Euro has been consistent in showing it digging deeper than the first system.

Not a lot of good news and I hate to have to look so far in advance to find chances for snowfall. There are definitely some positives signs for this pattern to break as we head into February. Again, be patient and get your work done now so when the next storm cycle comes in you can get out and enjoy it to the fullest.


P.S. If you’re wondering how the snowpack numbers are looking right now in Utah, you can see the numbers statewide (by basin) here. Right now it looks like we are at about 80-100% in the Wasatch. Expect these numbers to continue to fall… By the time February rolls around, I’d expect us to be in the 65-85% range… So we’ll have some catching up to do. In Utah, we can catch up in a hurry, so don’t worry too much just yet.

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3 thoughts on “Time to get high . . .

  1. Steve

    Did you see the 18Z GFS? Huge change for late next week. I think I already know the answer to my question which is that run could be a total fluke and we’ll have to see if subsequent runs showed that kind of change, but curious as to your thoughts. Especially with regards to other models and teleconnections which I don’t know squat about. Thanks as always for your blog. Great discussion re Wasatch weather.

    1. wasatchsnowcast

      Yep, if you remember the other day I mentioned it would be nice if we could get cold storms tapping into lots of Pacific moisture, that is exactly what the 18z is showing. You are right that it’s only one run 6 days away from the event so we can’t put much credence in this scenario just yet– especially since the Euro still hasn’t shown this at all. But we can hope… Let’s see what’s going on tomorrow.

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