It’s COOOOOLD up there!

Friday, January 11, 2013 at 7:54 am

-5 and dropping at the Top of Collins at Alta with a wind chill of -25 so bundle up if you’re going up for freshies today. Mountain resorts of the Wasatch are generally reporting 6-12″…. A bit of a dry slot developed yesterday evening and struggled to fill in for the Southern half of the Salt Lake Valley and up LCC so these locations didn’t see as much snow as the northern half of the valley or, say, BCC. There was also a lack of forcing to push much of the snowfall in the valleys up the canyons and into the mountains. I’ve already had a comment or two wondering what happened. I admit that snow lightened up last night a bit faster than expected and led to a little bit lower totals than I was expecting, but remember, the 1-2 feet we forecasted for the Wasatch was from Thursday-Saturday. We aren’t done yet. With that said, I don’t think we’ll quite reach the 2 foot mark without a miracle of lake effect snow. So I think 10-18″ total is a more realistic mark.

For those of you who really like my more academic “Dud diagnostics” that I got to write all too often last season, I’ll take a better look tonight and try to give you a better answer as to “Why” we didn’t see exactly what we expected.

Right now, the unstable Northwesterly flow is just starting to get going and radar trends are showing an increase in aerial coverage. Would expect snow to continue in the mountains and parts of the valleys for much of the day so we’ll see totals continue to increase. Still waiting to see where the lake effect band will set up… might start in Davis/Weber counties today before moving into Salt Lake County and potentially the Cottonwoods tonight. That is, if it sets up at all. (Lake effect is notoriously difficult to predict).

So if you were disappointed with 6-12″ so far, just wait and hopefully today and tonight we can double those amounts and still end up close to our 1-2 foot range. Don’t expect we’ll get to the 20-30″ you might have seen in the NWS Cottonwoods forecast… (surprise)


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  1. Anonymous

    This snow was still very much needed and this weekend will be great for the resorts and the streets for all of us street rats. Thank you Wasatch snow forcast for all the awsome updates this season.

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