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Saturday, 8pm:

Lake effect snow band is reforming over a similar area that we saw last night. If it holds together, expect heavy snow accumulations for the Northern Salt Lake Valley into the Cottonwoods again tonight. The band may start to drift farther south later tonight . . .

Saturday 4pm:

Things have cleared up for the most part this afternoon but we may not be done yet as another Lake Effect snow band could potentially form tonight over a similar area that saw it this morning. Last night, we saw good orographic snowfall throughout the Wasatch Range, but the real treat came this morning as we had a very impressive lake effect snow band setting up mostly over southern Davis and northern Salt Lake County, also stretching into the Cottonwoods and toward Park City. Here is a look at the radar at 10 AM this morning:

As you can see, downtown SLC was right under the heavy snowfall band. So were the Cottonwoods! Reader reports have generally been up to a foot over the northern half of the valley with 2+ feet up Big and Little Cottonwood. The big question now is will we see another lake effect snow band tonight? We think so. But it’s hard to predict how strong or exactly where it will be but current thinking is similar to the one this morning, maybe slightly farther south. We’ll keep watching radar returns throughout the evening to look for the first signs of where to expect snow.

Tomorrow we’ll do a full storm wrap-up and take a look at our next chance for snow.


Saturday, 1 PM: Impressive snow reports for the Northern half of the Salt Lake Valley with 1-2 feet in many areas! The Cottonwoods are making out like bandits, getting in on a perfect combination of lake effect snow and orographics. The lake effect band from this morning is still present but has been weakening throughout the day. Expect breaks in the snow showers this afternoon with the sun peaking out in places away from the lake effect band. Tonight we should see a return of the more intense lake effect snow, again taking aim at the Salt Lake Valley, this time a little farther south. Hard to predict exactly how much snow we’ll see but additional accumulations of 4-8″ are possible under the lake effect band. Cottonwoods should continue to see snow tonight, could be heavy again if they are under the lake effect snow band.

Totals so far have varied greatly at resorts but the Cottonwoods are over 2 feet and we expect at least another foot. Enjoy!!!!


Saturday, 7:30 AM: Waking up with a Cup of Joe looking at snow reports. Lake effect band has set over Norther Salt Lake and southern Davis county overnight and it is hammering the Northern Side of the Salt Lake Valley into the Cottonwoods. Snowbird is reporting over 20″ and still dumping. Still waiting for exact measurements. Lake effect band may dissipate today and redevelop tonight farther south.

More later . . . Please send in snow reports to or post them on the wall of our Facebook page, include a picture if you’d like and we’ll add them to the site. Definitely turning into everything we dreamed it would be and more!


7:20 PM: Light snow falling in the valleys with heavier snow falling on the benches and in the Cottonwoods right now. Accumulations so far have generally been in the 3-6″ range in the valleys with 6-10″ on the benches. Without a ton of forcing, mountain accumulations aren’t that much higher. About 8″ so far in the Cottonwoods and less for Park City resorts. Not quite sure how much Snowbasin and PowMow have seen so far. Snow should continue off and on through Sunday with accumulations gradually piling up. Wildcard is lake effect snow which may create pockets of heavy accumulations. If this develops, it will likely be over northern Salt Lake County and Davis County tonight and the Salt Lake and Tooele Valleys on Saturday night. Weather should clear out on Sunday. Overall, looks like 1-2 feet still looks good for most of the Wasatch. Cottonwoods could approach the high end of this range whereas Park city resorts may be on the low end. Valleys have already surpassed our original expectations in most locations. More tomorrow….

9:30 AM: Moderate snow has been falling in the Valleys for the last couple hours with 2+ inches in my backyard. We might need to bump up the valley snow predictions if this continues. Several inches already up Big and Little Cottonwood as well. Temperatures continue to plummet . . .

7:30 AM: The storm is here! No need to look forward when the present is so delightfully white, hence the title. Front is moving through northern Utah as we speak with snow showing up on webcams across the area. You can check these webcams by clicking “Wasatch Webcams” on the top bar. Down in the valley, I’ve heard a couple rumbles of thunder and it’s currently snowing graupel down at my place at the mouth of the Cottonwoods. Here is a look at the radar as of 7:20 AM

As you can see, lots of moisture associated with the frontal boundary and just behind it. The line of rain/snow on these maps is never all that accurate but in this instance, it’s clear to see that it is much colder north of the front from SLC to Idaho border with warm air and rain still falling south of SLC. This will change very quickly to all snow as the front continues its march south.

Snow should fall in the mountains all day with on and off snow in the valley, there may be a bit of a lull tonight as more cold air and instability approaches the area to reinvigorate orographic snowfall tomorrow through Sunday morning.

Snowfall amounts still look good. 1-2 feet with up to 30 inches in favorable locations for the high Wasatch. 5-10″ in mountain Valleys. 4-8″ on Benches. With 2-5″ in the valleys. These amounts could be greater if a lake effect band sets up tomorrow or Sunday.

We’ll update regularly as the storm develops.

Please send snow reports / photos to or post them on our Facebook page.


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