The season’s not over yet . . . (Friday AM update)

Monday, April 9, 2012 at 12:30 pm

Friday AM update:

Advertised lull in precip is currently occurring over the entire region but this will be short-lived as the low’s cold core tracks into northern Utah this afternoon.  This will bring an increase in convective afternoon showers and orographically enhanced snowfall to the Wasatch.  These showers will continue into tonight.  Secondary low will move into the area tomorrow afternoon, however it appears now that the original track of going south of the Wasatch looks the more likely scenario.  This means a hefty spring snow storm for the mountains of southern Utah/N. Arizona, but only a moderate event for the Wasatch.  All totaled, we expect another 6-12″ in the Cottonwoods with 4-8″ elsewhere by Sunday.  Southern Utah mountains could see 1-2 feet in favorable locations.  Tomorrow and Sunday should both be great powder days!


Thursday AM update:

Storm came in hot! Lightning, heavy valley rain, and heavy mtn snow! Updating snow totals at area resorts as of 7 AM on Thursday.  Looks like Park City resorts and Powder Mountain received 4-6″ of snow over night and Cottonwood resorts tallied 8-10″.  Great news for those of us going up for powder today! I’ve got that suspicion it won’t be the lightest fluffiest snow I’ve ever skied but we’ll find out soon enough.  Snow showers will continue off and on today with 2-4″ of additional accumulation.  A break for the most part tonight before more snow moves in Friday-Saturday with the potential to double these accumulations.

Wednesday PM update:

Just a quick one today as everything has remained consistent in model trends so not much need to change anything to the forecast.  Only real change was that the secondary low for Friday night/Saturday that was looking to track mostly to our south is now showing as a more direct hit.  We’ll see if subsequent model runs hold on to this idea as it would mean we would more than double the 4-8″ we’re expecting through tomorrow night.  That would mean a Wednesday – Sunday total of 8-16″ with locally higher amounts.  I know some of you are already over winter but this is Wasatch ‘Snow’ Forecast and we are committed to providing you all with winter storm information, whether you’re wishing for it or not.

Tuesday PM update:

Everything is still on track for the system entering the region tomorrow.  Rain showers and isolated thunderstorms will start in the evening with snow developing in the mountains Wednesday night.  Snow should continue Thursday with 4-8″ still looking likely with the first wave.  A secondary low will bring more precip Friday evening thru Sunday.  This secondary low will focus most of its strength south of the Wasatch but an additional 3-6″ in the Cottonwoods looks possible.  Overall, we are expecting 6-12″ of snow above 8,000 ft. by Sunday with possibly more in select locations.  The cold nature of the second low in particular will leave us with light and fluffy snow too.  Let’s just hope it is deep enough to bury the ice crust that will inevitably develop once temps drop.  Stay tuned . . .

Previous discussion:

Hope you all had a good holiday weekend! Spring skiing has been going on in full force in Utah over the last couple weeks with morning ice turning to afternoon corn and slush.  It may not be the awesome conditions we are all used to but its still soft and fun to carve your edge into.

Winter, however, may still have a last word or two before many area resorts close next week.  Currently a low pressure system can be seen spinning off the west coast (see ‘Resources’ page for satellite view), this low will meander its way onto the coast over the next couple days, and spin moisture into Utah starting late in the day on Wednesday.  Snow levels will initially be very high with rain all the way up to 9-10K feet, they will drop to 6-7K later Wednesday nigh however as snow really begins to come down.  This system would be a lot more impressive if it occurred in December or January, but as it is spring, we don’t have a favorable environment for a large snow storm to develop.  Snow should continue through much of the day Thursday in the high elevations before tapering to off and on showers Thursday night.  We’ll likely see a couple more periods of light to moderate snowfall with a secondary, colder low that will drop in over the weekend.

These types of slow-moving, Spring systems are difficult to forecast as slight shifts in the track can dramatically alter QPF amounts, but I feel comfortable with expecting 4-8 inches in the Cottonwoods with 3-6 inches possible at Powder Mountain/Snowbasin and 2-4″ at PC resorts by Thursday night.  We could add to Friday-Sunday as well. Could be a powder day for Snowbirds 40th Anniversary spring bash this weekend. After that, it looks like ridging will re-establish itself going into next week.

We’ll be updating each day this week to get you ready for perhaps the last powder days of the season….

Stay tuned


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2 thoughts on “The season’s not over yet . . . (Friday AM update)

  1. Grandmastapoop

    You were a little light on your snowfall totals last storm. Let’s hope you are equally light this go around! Btw, this is my go to site for weather updates. You are usually more correct than the NWS.

    1. wasatchsnowcast

      I was a bit light, but in the Spring I generally have found through experience to go conservative on the my forecast snow totals as there are a lot more things that could go wrong with systems this time of year. Thank you for the kind words.

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