Light Snow possible Thursday and Friday, spring conditions to follow

Monday, April 2, 2012 at 4:45 pm

Wednesday update:

Looking at this system coming in tomorrow evening and continuing into Friday morning, we still have a good chance for light snow throughout the Wasatch.  Not an impressive system and only expect 1-3″ in the high elevations with pockets of up to 5″ in favorable locations.  Warming will occur this weekend for spring festivities. There may still be chances for storms as we head toward the second half of April.

Previous discussion:

We are getting toward the end of the ski season and as you have all probably noticed, we have been less frequent with our posts as winter storms are fewer and farther between and our readers aren’t quite as desperate for updates as they’ve moved on to other outdoor activities.  However, there is still plenty of skiing and snowboarding to be done and we can see snow in the Wasatch well into June (as we found out last year).  So we’ll keep updating as long as resorts are still open.  As for this summer, we’ll continue to make periodic updates about overall weather trends and look for clues as to what type of winter we can expect next winter.

As for this week, a system will pass mostly to our north on Thursday and Friday, providing an opportunity in the Wasatch for light snow with amounts totaling no more than a couple inches.  After that it looks like at least a week of spring-like conditions.  Soft afternoon snow will make for some decent skiing but will also start to deplete our snow-pack.  Park City resorts are already pretty barren at the base so too much more in the way of warm temps will make skiing impossible.

Teleconnections suggest that on more stormy period may be possible toward the end of April but who knows after that…..


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