A Little snow to remind us it’s still that season.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011 at 8:34 pm

Nowadays in Northern Utah, we get pretty stoked when Cottonwood resorts report 4″ inches of snow.  That’s about what they’ve seen so, maybe a little more in spots as this cold, but moisture-starved system moves through the area.  We could get a few more inches over night before things clear out toward sunrise. The bulk of the moisture is east of the Wasatch, with 6-12 inches falling on north-facing slopes of the Uintas and similar amounts for the Rockies of Colorado.  Denver will get yet another decent snowfall tonight and tomorrow.

So what about our next chance for snow…? Well, the idea of a system for Saturday (which was at its best just a slight chance) is now out of the question as models have abandoned that idea.  Just a few clouds and light breezes Friday night/Saturday morning.  Ridging will rebuild with inversion developing for Christmas and early next week, however, they will not be as bad as they have been over the last couple weeks in the Salt Lake area.  Climo signs are still gradually working in our favor, which would roughly mean that if they continue this trend, it should turn pretty wet in Utah around the second week of January.  GFS and now ECMWF have been consistent in showing a stormier pattern developing in the Pacific Northwest during the next week.  Northern Utah is currently progged to be clipped by these systems with light to moderate snows.  Right now, timing for these systems is around the 28th of Dec, Jan 2, and Jan 5.  There is very little in the way of details for these potential systems but they certainly bear watching over the next week or so as a slightly more southerly track could mean more snow for us.

Again, my guess is that as the jet strengthens going into January, it will slowly sag south and we’ll be in for some snow from the 8th of January onward… hopefully sooner but I’m not too optimistic.

More tomorrow evening….

…The Powder Hound….

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