Clearer picture on our future . . . and snow is in the background!

Thursday, October 27, 2011 at 8:57 am

10-day Snow Forecast: Light snow accumulations possible Tuesday (Nov. 1), Moderate snow accumulations possible Sat/Sun (Nov. 5-6) Details below.

Cool temps this morning will make way to warmer temps this afternoon with highs in the SLC valley near 55.  High pressure builds in this week and temps will respond by warming another 5-10 degrees from today’s highs.

Now on to the big story… The possibility for snow! We here at WSF are getting excited because all signs are pointing to a pattern change.  We have several systems in the works that we are keeping an eye on.  Keep in mind this is a long way out and things can change dramatically in the forecast, particularly this time of year, so don’t get too excited for another week or so.

First system… very reminiscent of the system that dropped through the area over the last couple days. A storm will move into BC, Canada before dropping down the east side of the ridge, along the Rockies.  Its overland trajectory will mean that it is relatively dry, the farther west the low pressure center, the more likely we are to have a few showers.  For now, I wouldn’t expect anything more that scattered showers and cooler temps with highs dropping 10-15 degrees to the upper 40s in the SLC valley.  Forecast: Trace-3 inches of snow above 6000 feet.

Second system… This system is a cutoff low that looks to drop down the California coast to So Cal before ejecting inland and eventually into Utah around Saturday or Sunday Nov. 5-6.  Difficult to say how much snow is possible but likely won’t be as cold a storm due to its trajectory.  Best case scenario, Moderate amounts above 6K feet.

Third system… This is very far out, so confidence is very low, but GFS looks to bring a larger low-pressure system into the west coast sometime around the 10th of November.  This, if it verifies, could be our largest storm yet.

All in all, November is looking like it is going to be halfway decent for getting a base and hopefully giving us enough snow for opening days.  CPC is on-board with this idea now too, with above average precip for us in their 8-14 day outlook.

Continue praying for snow, but initial indications are our prayers are being answered.


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