Beautiful Weather this weekend… weak cold front next week.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011 at 10:39 am

10-day Snow Forecast:  No Snow this week.  Possible dusting next Tuesday or Wednesday above 6000 ft.

A few clouds today and tonight with light breezes will give way to gorgeous sunny weather this weekend with temps rising from the mid-60s in the valley to the low-70s.  10+ degrees above average.

Next week, a cold front will drop down the Rockies from Canada down the east side of the ridge… The brunt of the precip and cold air associated with this arctic front will be east of the Wasatch front.  But we may see some showers (snow level around 5000 feet) and definitely some colder air.  High Temps in the valleys will drop to around 50 next Tuesday and Wednesday.  If the models trend farther west, we may be in for more significant accumulations.  This is also a pattern conducive of lake-effect snow, so we’ll see.

Longer range– after that front, ridge looks to retake control of the area for a time with temps rebounding, models are hinting at the storm track drop farther south as the ridge of high pressure breaks down a bit.  Its hard to say at this point if the storms will make it this far south but it’s a good sign that they are at least getting closer.  We’ve got you covered however it unfolds.


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