Snow in the Valley? Looks like it! Next update: Monday, Oct. 10.

Thursday, October 6, 2011 at 1:37 pm

Rain changed to snow all the way down to around 4,500 feet today and bench location picked up a few inches.  Little break now, but Snow should start again this evening and continue off and on tonight and tomorrow. A few more inches is likely.  The Powder Hounds measured about 6-8 inches at the base of Snowbird today and snowing heavily. Looks like the upper mountains may see 2 feet when all is said and done.  Great start to the season, spoke with a gentleman today that said another couple of storms like this one and they might start calling in staff a little early to open up beginning of November.  Not bad.

After this storm finally moves away Saturday, we can expect at least a week of very fall-like weather, with seasonal temps and only high clouds as storms move well to our north for the time being.  We may get brushed Monday night with a slight chance of showers and mountain snow but nothing significant in the forecast at the time.  Enjoy this first storm! Be careful if you are driving in mountains, road are very slushy and slick and branches that haven’t yet shed their leaves have snapped under the weight and may be obstacles on the roads.

…The Powder Hounds…

P.S. The Powder Hounds are off on a little adventure in the canyonlands, so we will be back on Monday with the latest forecast.

Snowbird 11 AM, Oct. 6

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